Rom. 21. CEO of BBI (Broke Bitches International). Funny looking black girl tryna get her bachelor's.


I mean we somewhat talk about it but it only goes so far. This is why I feel so lonely all the time. My best friend runs like 80 different student organizations and has a gf now, so he never has time for me anymore. The man I thought was a potential boo doesn’t fuck with me like i fucked with him, and I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that he doesn’t care about me. My Dad doesn’t really care for me because I’m not as pretty, popular and well groomed as my stepsisters. 😢 I’m good tho. I feel a hell of a lot better than I have this week so don’t be worried. I just had to get that off my chest. Now for my homework!!

Trying to talk to my mom about men but she’s drunk 😑 This is getting frustrating. I’m 21 and this is a time where these convos are important. Lord send me a mother figure.


Twinkle, twinkle little star
Someone hit me with a car

Just In


The only time I feel pretty
Is when I’m on my back
It feels like someone cares
When he says to relax

I won’t hurt you
I’ll be gentle
Though in his mind
My body is a rental

A rickety old playground
Only he knows about
Hidden from all the world
The secret that can’t come out

Ari Untitled


Unicorns and glitter
Damn she’s so bitter
She was one of the sweet ones
Until reality hit her

And her mom
her brother
the house

The glass in her back
The blood in her mouth

At the lake she was reborn
But her mother was still torn
Trying to keep alive something
That really should be mourned

40 degrees in LA


It’s cold outside
That means cuffing season
When women get approached
For the sole reason

To serve as a warm body
Does she know?
That her relationship won’t last
Longer than LA snow?

It disintegrates
Before it makes ground fall
So we never really know
If it snowed at all


Marry me
Would you?
Carry me
Could you?

Across the threshold
We call life
Be with me through the good
The struggle and strife

Is this life?
That I live?
Where love is so potent
It could get you killed?

I guess it’s cupid’s venom
The devil’s waterfall
The chocolate elixir
That could sedate us all

Ugly Love


One day
You’ll remember my name
Yours is etched in my heart
Yet you take no claim

Are you ashamed?
Of me?
Is seeing my inner beauty
That unlikely?